6 Tips for Students: What to Do in the Summer?

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two college students on a summer break

Summer is finally here, and there is a wide choice of activities in front of you. Some students prefer to use their time for well-deserved rest, and some perceive it as an opportunity to work more. Regardless of what you choose, here are some tips useful for every student on a summer break.

Volunteer Work

Any work experience is valuable enough to put on the resume. Volunteering, among other things, helps you build communication skills, networking, and group work. It also allows you to try out something new and learn as well as help the community.

Summer School

Even if the thought of additional classes in the summer makes us cringe, they might turn out to be very helpful in the sense that you would get ahead in the subject that you were not understanding too well. Student groups are usually smaller in size, so it’s a great chance to get to know your classmates better.

Learn Skills

There is plenty of free time during the summer months, so why not finally do the thing that you were always dreaming about—for example, learn a foreign language? What’s more, keeping your brain in the work mode would allow you not to have your cognitive abilities decreased too much from summer idleness.

Find a Job

Summer jobs bring you money to spend on things you need, and, again, more work experience. Another great idea is to look for a suitable internship that may teach you even more than actual classes.


While we can pay too little attention to our physical condition during studies, now you have a perfect chance to work towards a “beach bod” and improve your health habits. For example, you can take a bike wherever you go or enroll in dance classes.


In the end, summer is supposed to be vacation time. Feel free to take a break from work and travel while you can, or simply enjoy doing what you like.

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