6 Lovely Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day 2022

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celebrating Valentine’s day by reading books

Whether you feel like celebrating Valentine’s Day or not, it will be hard to withstand the festive mood. We hope you will not stay away from all those hearts and hugs. Instead, plunge into the celebration and give yourself a reason to smile and treat the person you love the most—yourself. 

Be Curious: Learn about Love 

The 5 Languages of Love perfect book for Valentine's day

This bestselling book will change your perception of how people communicate with each other. Gary Chapman’s The 5 Love Languages reveals that some people show their appreciation with gifts, while others—with quality time only. And it is vital that the people who want to invest in a quality relationship (not only romantic) should “speak” the same language.

As simple as that, this idea will change the way you approach people and how you bond with them. Are you intrigued to know what your language of love is? Take one of the quizzes—it’s fun and illuminating.

You can always buy The 5 Love Languages and other books (including textbooks and ebooks) at BooksRun. We guarantee you the best prices and hugs all year round.

Be Classy: Watch a Movie

watching movie on st valentine’s day

If there is a designated time to dive into some romantic comedies—now is the best moment. We suggest you choose something from the 90s or the early 2000s. When Harry met Sally, 50 First Dates, Sleepless in Seattle, or You’ve Got Mail—how can one even pick one and not watch them all? Maybe you feel like something more heart-breaking: then The Notebook and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind are the best hits for you. 

Find out about other options in this list of the 40 best Valentine’s day movies. You’ll definitely find something to suit your mood!

Be Interested: Find about Unusual Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

At first, Valentine’s day was a church feast celebrating St. Valentine, who was martyred in the third century. Since then, so many various traditions of celebrating Valentine’s day have developed! Some are indeed extraordinary and surprising. Did you know that in Wales, friends and partners exchange carved wooden spoons? In Finland, for example, it’s not the celebration of romantic love but of friendship!

Read about other traditions to celebrate Valentine’s Day in our article.

Be Сoffee: Get Starbucks Valentine’s Сups 

Just check out this year’s Starbucks Valentine’s cups, and you’d like to get one for yourself! Tumblers, coffee cups, reusable hot cups, and tea mugs come in amazing new designs. Such a cup can be a perfect gift for your coffee-loving friends or for yourself.

Be Сaring: Give the Best Presents  

What to get for Valentine’s day? This is a question that tortures many people. The most important, however, is to show that you care. Even a Мalentine’s squishmallow would be the sweetest gift! For further Valentine’s gift ideas (that are actually useful), check this list.

If you send your gifts and Valentine’s cards by post, make sure you use sustainable packaging.

Be Crafty: DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations

Use this opportunity to become more crafty. Browse through Pinterest and get some inspiration for DIY Valentine’s decorations and handmade cards. Baby Yoda Valentines are especially relevant this year!

All those cozy Valentine’s door hangers, garlands of hearts, and heart-shaped candles are actually quite easy to make. Moreover, DIY crafting is one of the best recovering and relaxing activities that has ever existed. 

6 Lovely Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day 2022 1

Finally, check BooksRun to get your unique present! 

Don’t skip out on St Valentine’s Day 2022—make it special! These ideas will hopefully inspire you and help to create the right mood. We care for you!

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