6 Awesome Apps to Sell Stuff Online: Locally and Sustainably

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There are several sustainable ways of getting rid of used stuff: recycling, donating, reusing, and sharing. These actions will definitely bring us sustainability karma points but not that much money. But what if you want to sell valuable stuff, like branded clothing, electronics, and textbooks? You have several sustainable options, such as selling locally or using eco-friendly marketplaces. Here is our top list of 6 awesome apps to sell stuff online.

Sell Stuff Online: The Basics

Selling stuff you do not need is a solid choice. You give your possessions a second life, while others get a chance to get an item they want cheaper. But, of course, the option of selling is only valid for items in like-new and good condition. The usual choices are eBay and Facebook Marketplace: they’re easy to use and often efficient. 

These massive marketplaces have their drawbacks, though. While there are many potential buyers, there are equally many offers. Therefore, there is no guarantee that your stuff won’t continue dusting on your shelves—it can take months to sell your stuff. Sometimes you even have to dump your price to have your item for sale noticed. You should also make sure to write a catchy description and provide “instagramable” pictures for your offer to catch a buyer. 

On Facebook, all the negotiations, as well as delivery and payment processes, are handled by the seller and the buyer. It raises the possibility of fraud or simply not being able to find common ground. The bedding system of eBay is excellent, though it might be tedious. 

Other online marketplaces for selling used stuff are also efficient. However, it is often exhausting (or even impossible) to find a buyer interested in a specific textbook or a furniture piece you’re selling. Delivery is also a headache: no prepaid labels, no recommended spots to hand over the items. Moreover, some websites might impose fees—up to 30% commission on every sale! 

Here is a list of local online selling sites that will help you sell stuff online effortlessly and for profit while also contributing to sustainable development. Some of these apps offer you to sell locally to your neighbors. In contrast, others represent a bigger marketplace that handles all the fuss about shipping and payment. Sounds good? Explore the websites to sell items online for free locally below.

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Local Online Selling Sites


(to Sell Stuff Locally)

Free for iOS and Android

Selling small stuff, food items, or things you want to give away just for a few dollars? Of course, Nextdoor is ideal for these small-scale sales, but this app does so much more. 

Nextdoor is a social ecosystem for getting in touch with your neighbors and keeping an eye on local developments. All items you offer for sale will appear on your neighbors’ newsfeeds, and you can also provide a discount to give your item a boost. In addition, as a local selling app, Nextdoor offers safe spaces where you can hand over the items. This service is ideal for selling and giving away stuff locally and avoiding costly and wasteful shipping. And you will definitely get new acquaintances along the way!


(for Serious Sellers) 

Free for iOS and Android

OfferUp is a well-developed marketplace suitable for local and nationwide sales and a great local selling app. Every seller gets a rating that helps buyers navigate around untrustworthy offers. Moreover, the app oversees the shipping process. 

The biggest advantage is the audience—the app is widely used. However, it is designed for regular bulk sellers, but Offerup can do well also for one-time sellers. 


(to Sell Used Textbooks)

Free for iOS and Android

Any current or former college student knows this fact: your education provides you with skills and qualifications… as well as tons of textbooks. Unfortunately, more often than not, these textbooks are left behind on your bookshelf the moment you graduate. So it is only sensible to give them away or sell them for profit

However, if you just post that Primary Care Medicine is for sale, it would be tough to find a buyer. BooksRun solves this problem: you sell used books to them and receive money. It’s up to the company to find prospective buyers. Moreover, you’re provided with a prepaid shipping label, so no hustle here either. 

Selling used books is an even more convenient BooksRun app! Just scan the ISBN of your textbooks to get the quote. Then, if you’re satisfied with the offered price—send them to BooksRun. Of course, you can’t define the selling price and have to go with what’s offered. But the payment is really generous: you’d earn $41 on selling Primary Care Medicine

Learn how to sell used textbooks with the BooksRun app.

Check the BooksRun blog and Facebook page for tips on selling textbooks and saving money (also quite a lot of coupons inside!). Moreover, they run a sustainable loyalty program, where you can get eco-friendly gifts or exchange your points for planting trees. 


(for Selling Old Electronics)

Free for iOS and Android

Many households don’t even have DVD players, but we still keep on holding to old DVDs. The same goes for used tablets, kitchen utensils, and stereo systems that you don’t use anymore. However, these items still collect dust for some strange reason (or simply because you can’t find a seller). Don’t worry—Declutter will buy it all, even if some stuff is broken and heavily used. You can practically sell any stuff online with this app.

In the Decluttr app, scan a barcode of the item you want to sell and get a quote. If you agree with the offered price, you will also be provided with a free shipping label.

However, users argue that their offers are not as great as you want them to be. In this case, turn to Offerup or good old eBay, where you can set the price yourself. But it comes with shortcomings—you’ll have to deal with shipping costs yourself.


(to Sell Fashionable Items)

Free for iOS and Android

It’s easier to sell things to people who share your ideas and passions, and also if it’s a passion for fashionable clothing. So if you want to declutter your wardrobe or renew your seasonal staples—turn to Poshmark

Among like-minded fashionistas, there is more chance that your stuff will be sold. On the contrary, on generalized platforms, your branded or unique items can get lost. The Poshmark app makes the process really easy, guiding you through all the details you need to provide to put your clothing, accessories, shoes, or jewelry on sale. They’ll also provide you with a prepaid shipping label once your stuff is sold! However, you’d need to pay a commission, but it is worth it.


(for a Closet Cleanup)

Free for iOS and Android

If you don’t have any signature pieces that you want to sell but are still up for an idea to clean up, check ThredUp. This selling app is ideal for bulk closet decluttering

You will get a free polka dot bag that you should fill up with all the items you plan to sell. After ThredUp receives your filled-in bag (free shipping provided), they will sort your things out. Some things will be recycled or donated, while others will be put on sale. As soon as the item is sold, you get your money! 

It is an effortless way to clean your wardrobe sustainably and earn a few dollars on it. By the way, you can choose to donate all the content of your bag. Of course, your earnings won’t be great, but even a little money won’t hurt! 

Whether you choose to use any of these apps for selling stuff, read carefully through their terms to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings. It is also crucial to know the exact policies on the condition of accepted items as well as shipping terms. Also, take care of your privacy, although you’d need to disclose some of your private information in order to verify an account and use an app (like Nextdoor). Also, don’t forget to use sustainable packaging when posting your items!

Gradually, awareness and sustainability become an asset expected from any business. These six companies provide you with solid profitable options for selling stuff online, and you will most probably have great experiences with them. Whenever you need to quickly share something locally or sell used textbooks, there is a sustainable, efficient option for that. 

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