5 Best Pens For College Notes

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A good pen simplifies your studying routine so much! It can improve the way you take notes, the way you remember things and as a result, it can even boost your grades. At the times when a lot of students type their notes on tablets or laptops, there are still a lot of students who prefer to follow their professor in a more traditional way: by taking handwritten notes. Actually, it has been proven that jotting down your notes on a piece of paper improves your retention ability, sharpens your memory and makes it easier to recall things at a later stage.

Therefore, the most important tool for taking effective notes is a good pen. Think about it. You can think creatively, express your ideas freely, and be productive if you enjoy writing with a pen. Smooth ink encourages neat writing, lets you get rid of blots, and keeps you attentive to details. The physical act of taking notes makes the process of connecting things in your head much easier compared with typing notes on your laptop. Therefore, effective note-taking is a key factor to improve your academic performance and keep up with your college homework even better. Better notes mean better pens which will determine better grades in due time. However, be careful not to write down notes in your textbooks, especially if you want to sell them back at the end of the semester or if you have rented them from BooksRun! The better condition of your textbooks, the more money you get in the end. You might consider using pencils for erasable notes or take notes from your textbooks in a separate notebook.

Below we identified the 5 best pens for taking notes that will make the note-making process for you much easier and more enjoyable! The most important criteria for our choice included fitting a college student’s budget and widespread availability in stores.

1. Uni-ball Jetstream Stick Roller Ball Pen

The uni-ball Jetstream pen is one of those pens that if you borrow it to one of your friends, you will remember to ask to return it. It has a rollerball tip with a ribbon of ink that dries so fast so that you end your note-making days with smear-free fingers. This is ideal for taking notes during long lectures as you need to apply minimal pressure from your hand to get a precise and even stream of ink. You can easily rely on this pen if you need to write quickly since its ink is rich and lets you leave notes and doodles with minimal effort in the shortest amounts of time!

2. Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Ball Pen

This Pilot G2 pen is a must-have for university over-achievers! It beats all the sales in America among gel pens and became the #1 Go-2 gel ink pen in 2017. So it is your best note making pen choice as it writes very smoothly and has a comfortable rubber grip part to make sure your fingers can hold such a pen comfortably.

It relieves the stress from your hand do you can write longer and your hand muscles do not get tired. The pen has a delicate point and it suits you best if you need to write in a tight space, for instance, if you need to label a detailed diagram or make notes on the margins. Another bonus that comes with this pen is that it is retractable and refillable which means that you can enjoy writing with it for a very long time and refill again once the ink is over!

3. Zebra F-301 Retractable Ballpoint Pen

This pen is another excellent option if you need to make detailed fine notes with its 0.7 mm ballpoint. It is non-smudging and its ink dries really quickly which is essential for successful note-taking when your professor speaks fast during the lecture. If you keep a diary then this pen will become your best friend since you can make accurate notes and doodles without being afraid that the ink will penetrate through the paper. The design of the F-301 pen is worth extra mentioning: it is contemporary, laconic and very comfortable in use!

4. Pentel EnerGel Deluxe RTX Gel Ink Pen

If you prefer to highlight important notes with different ink colors, then this set of Gel Ink pens is definitely for you! These different colors are very bright, they dry quickly and their tapered metal tip makes it easier to regulate the ink flow. It does not matter whether you press hard or you touch paper lightly, the pen will adjust itself to ensure a smooth and vibrant ink flow. Your notes will stand out and you will not get distracted by different types of paper!

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5. BIC Round Stic Ball Pen

These pens by BIC are the simplest pens but at the same time, they are one of the most reliable ones! Everyone has heard of them and everyone has used them before. They write smoothly and are very cheap which automatically turns such a pen into a perfect note-taking instrument for any college student. In this case, if one of your friends takes your pen, you can quickly forget about it and keep your strong friendship status since it costs nothing to get another pen and it is available literally everywhere.

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