Christmas Delivery Delays: Postal Problems Endanger our Holiday Mood

experiencing Christmas delivery delays due to postal problems

Have you experienced problems with delivery delays this month? You are not the only one. This December, thousands of people, both customers and companies, are facing late shipments, delays, and other postal service problems. Is Christmas under threat now?

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12 Christmas Books for a Holiday Mood: The Best Way to Brighten up your Break

reading Christmas books is the best activity for the Christmas break

Create a holiday mood not only by putting on “All I Want for Christmas” but by reading awesome Christmas books. They are full of magic, love, sacrifice, and mysterious events (well, even criminal stories, if you please). Christmas is too of an important cultural and family event to be left untouched by the greatest authors of our times. If you dig deep enough, almost any writer has put in a word or two about this holiday season. It is a lot to choose from, and we’ve made a list of novels, short stories, fairy tales, and memoirs to inspire you to find some holiday mood while reading.

You can use some of these books as presents or add them to your holiday reading list for the next year. Many of these texts were turned into movies and cartoons so that you can double up the pleasure. We suggest you pick a book or two from the selection below, sit in a cozy chair with a mug of warm beverage, and dive into the holiday mood! 

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How To Get Teens Excited About Reading And Writing (Guest Post)

Reading and writing are essential skills that students mostly learn from school. Unfortunately, because of this, many students only associate it with study environment, homework, and essays which gives it a negative connotation. If you hang around as many youngsters as I do, you’ll notice that few teens get as excited about reading a book as they would about watching a show on Netflix or going to the movies.

It’s crucial to not just force young people to read and write through tedious assignments. As an educator, you should actually get them to fall in love with the art and craft. Without that love, the students will never read again when they aren’t forced to.

Here are a few proven ideas that can help your students or teens fall in love with reading and writing. If you are a student yourself and you struggle with written assignments at college, these great tips will definitely help you write and read with more ease and joy. 

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Positive Statistics, Achievements, and Trends of 2020 in Review

reviewing positive statistics and trends of 2020

2020 has been harsh on us for too many reasons. Was there even something good or worth a laugh? Any positive trends, not-canceled events, statistics that are not about the numbers of infected? At BooksRun, we still strive to look positively at the year that’s almost behind (and honestly, we are also happy to wave it goodbye). We’ve compiled a non-exhaustive list of positive statistics and trends of 2020 to cheer you up and lift your spirits. You’re encouraged to write your own list of achievements as well. Let’s remember 2020 for something positive and let it go away with our hopes for a better future! 

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5 Painless Ways to Save for Higher Education

Things are shifting in the world of education. With the pandemic, learning is moving largely online. You’re adapting to a new routine and trying to figure out how to stay productive despite it all. And if you’re prepping for college, you also have to worry about how you’re going to pay tuition in a world where those prices just keep going up. 

Saving for your higher education can be a lot of work – you might be working while studying or maybe even taking on some side gigs to make ends meet. If you’re in need of extra savings for school, there are a handful of painless ways to add to your stash with minimal effort or time. 

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How to Choose the Perfect Bookbinding: Hardcover or Paperback?

choose the perfect bookbinding as a college student

Do you pay attention to the type of bookbinding when choosing a textbook or a blank notebook? Books come in different formats and binding styles, but does it even matter? Surprisingly, it does! Bookbinding affects the price of your textbook (you will learn what type of binding to get to save money) as well as the book’s durability and functionality. If it is a hard toil just to place the textbook on the table, you might not study it with the same enthusiasm as a volume that lays nicely on your desk. In the end, the type of binding influences the quality of your studies and impacts your budget! Learn how to choose the perfect binding for your textbooks and make a binding for a notebook yourself! 

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