How to Save 300 Dollars on Textbooks Every Term

save dollars on textbooks

Hi there, it’s Tom!
How’s the academic year rolling?

We’ve been talking a lot about used books and how profitable it is to sell college books back. But how does it work in reality? Can one really save money on textbooks? Let’s have a look at real numbers from the last year — they talk for themselves.

Max buys textbooks the usual way ($485)

Here is Max. Last year, he started at the Law School at Georgetown University. As a freshman, he hasn’t figured out yet his ways around the campus. Max was also puzzled about how to save money while studying. Should he cut on lunches? Or maybe pause his Netflix subscription? 

Apart from all tuition and enrolment expenses, Max has to spend heaps of money on new textbooks. For every class he takes, he needs to get a hefty pricey book. Well, last academic year, with the list of books at hand, Max purchased those three brand new books with glossy pages on Amazon… and left 485 dollars at the checkout. Well, Max indeed had to tighten his belt not to spend too much that season.

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Boost Your Learning From Textbooks With 5 Effective Study Techniques

Students learning from textbooks

Reading is one of the most frequent learning activities you do while studying at college. But are you sure you read textbooks effectively enough? Although it seems like a very self-evident action — open and read — there are multiple ways to do it. Here, we will discuss the most successful techniques for effective learning from textbooks. And although scrutinizing a book from A to Z might be an obvious choice, it is not among the most efficient strategies. Have you heard of SQ4R, P2R, or backward reading? Let’s dive in — we will tell you everything about these and other study techniques that ensure you good grades and, most importantly, high-quality learning.

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Discover 5 Famous Teachers who Made a Difference

famous teachers

Can you think of any famous teachers and educators? Although these professionals and thinkers often remain behind the scenes, their input deserves our attention since education is essential for society and for our well-being. Many famous teachers stand behind multiple educational theories applied in modern schools, colleges, and qualification courses. These educators fought for making education an adjustable, democratic, and respectful environment, open for all learners. For this article, we have chosen five notable educators from different countries — we will follow their professional paths and get to know their educational theories. Although formulated a century ago, these ideas are crucial for our contemporary understanding of learning.

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