10 Ways to Go Green in College (And Save Money!)

Young man in a park enjoying with laptop

You know what the best thing about being environmentally friendly is? It saves you tons of money! And in many cases, brings you other life benefits – for example, improving your fitness level. Going “green” is in general about trying to spend less and go without excessive wasting, so college is a very suitable place to practice such useful habits.

  1. Turn off the light and other electronic appliances while you’re not in the room or not using them. Your electric bill will be lower, and power usage more efficient.
  2. Use a bicycle or simply take a walk when possible. That’s a great way to grow some muscles, exercise (which you might be lacking in college), and get some fresh air. Also, it’s much more eco-friendly than a car!
  3. Sell back, buy used, or rent college textbooks. If you’re not going to reread your favorite chapter in Differential Equations every night, it makes sense not to spend too much on textbooks.
  4. Donate clothes and household appliances. Whether you are moving to another place or just bored with your old stuff, there is always an opportunity to help someone like you who might be needing all these things. It’s a great way to reduce bad emissions from the production of new items.
  5. Switch to reusable grocery bags. Production of plastic bags that are coming with each purchase requires resources, and stopping using them will also help the environment. By the way, reusable bags are more comfortable to carry.
  6. Refillable water bottles. Buying water in plastic bottles whenever you need it might be costly, and the solution for this problem is purchasing a bottle that could be used a number of times. It really pays off!
  7. While we’re on the topic of plastic, recycle. Paper, metal, batteries anything counts. And it doesn’t take too much time or effort to put a package in a separate bin.
  8. When possible, take notes electronically. You will decrease your spending on pens, notebooks, and paper in general.
  9. Reduce water usage. Of course, shower is the best place for thinking, but after flushing a whole Niagara fall down the drain, do all these thoughts pay off when you see a water bill? You can just turn off running water while you’re cleaning your teeth, and even that would make a difference.
  10. Don’t buy expensive stuff that you will only use once (or really infrequently). For example, you can rent or borrow camping equipment for a trip or tools to fix something.

The list of tips doesn’t end here, of course. There are many other ways to be eco-friendly, so good luck on saving money for things that are more important (like your dreams)!

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