10 Free Online Certifications to Improve Your CV

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10 Free Online Certifications to Improve Your CV 1

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Finally, we are set for the summer! And what does it mean for you, our dear readers? Of course, it is the time to take a break from your hard university work and let you soak in the sun, drink Aperol cocktails on summer terraces, organize picnics in the park with your friends… and possibly use some of this time to boost your resume!

If you are in the process of applying for summer internships and jobs, it is the best time to work on your CV to impress potential recruiters! If you do not have enough practical experience and skills to look appealing to the job market, learning a new skill set and getting certifications online can be a way out of it! So do not worry about not landing a placement for the second summer in a row—BooksRun is here to help you. We have prepared a list of 10 online certifications to boost your resume that will show employees that you are familiar with anything from programming to interior design and marketing. Get these certificates ASAP and update your CV!

Programming and Web Development Certifications


It is a great resource for anyone who is interested in getting grips with programming from scratch! You can learn a new programming language with their programs, including HTML/CSS, Python, Java, JavaScript, SQL, Ruby. Moreover, if you are interested in Web Development or Data Science, their courses have been created in partnership with technology leaders making them extremely suitable for practical problems which you can encounter once you get hired. Complete a course with CodeAcademy and add a new skill to your resume and an online certificate to your LinkedIn account!


In the past, MongoDB used to be only a database platform popular among web developers. Today it has grown to be something more than that: it comprises online MongoDB University, which is a free educational resource created to assist everyone interested in web or mobile app development. Once signed up for their training courses, you can become certified if you pass the course with a 65% score. Free online certifications by MongoDB are recognized by employers and will let you get the most sought-after tech jobs!


Everyone who is familiar with blogging and online journals knows about WordPress! Today they offer a popular web development platform as well where you can get 100% certified! Getting free certifications online with such a brand used by companies all over the world will look convincing in employers’ eyes for sure! You try any of their programs for 7 days for free, after which it will cost you 49$ a month. The courses are available for students of different levels of proficiency (Advanced, Intermediate, Beginners) for different subjects, including modules on JavaScript, WordPress Development, and Multisite Masterclasses.


One of the best free certifications for a resume, this is one of the best and oldest platforms providing programming courses, which is widely recognized for the quality of training and the scope of courses offered. You have to offer to master such popular programming languages as Python, R, SQL, get to know DataCamp projects. The idea behind DataCamp courses is that they are designed in a very user-friendly manner allowing you to practice while you are commuting!

We definitely recommend checking their courses out and publishing their digital certificates once you pass the course. Knowing how to code becomes more and more important every day to satisfy the needs of technologically driven industries. Today, if you aspire to become an engineer or a scientist, work in physics, biology, maths or chemistry, or undertake banking jobs—all this requires the knowledge of several programming languages. What can we say if even the model Karlie Kloss started to code herself and created a coding academy for girls “Kode with Klossy”?

Therefore, do not waste your time and make your CV more appealing to employers by adding those certifications that look good on a resume!

Marketing Certifications

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Google Analytics

Highly appreciated and widely used by marketing specialists everywhere in the world, this instrument developed by Google allows to measure and monitor the impact of social media and marketing campaigns. This is a very handy tool to understand how much organic traffic your recent post is getting and where your main audience is located. Google Analytics certification program will teach you all the intricate details about the instrument as well as some advanced applications, all of which will look extremely appealing to marketing companies on your CV. Sign up for their program today and get the free certification courses for a resume sorted!

Check what is Google Analytics and how it helps to study customer interaction below:

Google Digital Garage

This is another certification program in digital marketing powered by Google—this time, it is Google Digital Garage! After taking this course, you will learn everything from mastering your online presence to building an international online shop using Google Analytics. These skills on your resume will interest both large corporations and small companies, turning you into an asset to their team!

Google Adwords

If you are interested in developing your advertising skills, this free digital certification program is what you need! Google Adwords Certificate on your CV means that you are familiar with online advertising using multiple Google platforms. Once you complete your certification, you will be provided with a Google Partners webpage so that potential employers can see your skills and qualifications. Do not miss this great opportunity to add this one of the resume-boosting certifications if you want to become an expert in online advertising!

Inbound Certification by HubSpot Academy

This platform is right for you if you are interested in social media skills or in promoting your own blog. Inbound Certification by Hubspot Academy will teach you all the aspects of search engine optimization, blogging, email marketing, social media, etc. These are the skills particularly sought after by start-ups and small businesses so that you can become their next in-house star turning their name into a well-recognized brand! It takes only 2 hours and 18 minutes to complete this training so you should start the course ASAP!

Emergency Management/Medical Skills Certifications

FEMA Certification 

This certificate is one of those certifications that look good on a resume and is a must-have for those of you who are looking for internships or jobs in the domains like medicine, emergency management, social work, or even environmental protection. Managed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), this Certification Program offers an array of courses that will prepare you for challenges you might encounter at work. FEMA is widely recognized by the employers in these industries for thorough training—so getting certified is a way to open doors to the career you are interested in! The certification is especially valuable if you combine it with profound theoretical knowledge of your field; for medical students, it is essential to get acquainted with these medical textbooks. Although they have a bunch of campus-based programs, they have a few free online courses that you can take at any time. Most applications nowadays let you insert additional skills and certificates, so listing FEMA as part of your application will guarantee you success!

Creative Skills Certifications

Colour Theory for Artists and Designers

Young and aspiring artists and designers out there! If you are working in photography, graphic design, or art, this Program is a great way to demonstrate your qualification in such an important subject as color theory. Depending on your study speed, it will take you only three to four hours to get certified online, whereas the benefits of it are immense! From then on, your creative decisions regarding and color and the perception of light will not only be driven by intuition but also will be subdued by the universal color theory. You can apply this useful knowledge to many fields, including front-end development, social media, and marketing jobs. Dedicate some time this weekend to add this certification to your CV!

10 Free Online Certifications to Improve Your CV 2
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Adobe Creative Commons Certification

Adobe’s role in creative industries is similar to the role that Facebook plays in social media. Adobe Creative Suite includes such well-known programs as Photoshop, Adobe PDF Reader, InDesign, Illustrator, and many others. Adobe Creative Commons certifications will be useful for everyone who is interested in getting a job or internship in graphic design, animation, or marketing.

Taking Adobe Creative Commons Courses used to be free in the past, whereas at the moment, it looks like the company has implemented certain amendments to their courses. You can sign up for the 10-week long online course and get an in-depth study of CC licenses with the CC Certificate.

Not one of the free business certifications, the price for such courses is around 500 USD and allows the company to cover its operational costs and update the content regularly as well as translate Certificates into multiple languages. According to their website, it is possible to apply for scholarships and get a student discount if you have a financial need. Check their up-to-date calendar to find a course that suits you best.

By signing up for this course, you will have access to online instructions, a discussion forum as well as support (only 25 learners are allowed per facilitator, making it an effective learning course). Once you successfully complete the course and you pass all the required assessments, you will be issued a CC Certificate in the form of a digital document (PDF). It will recognize your specialization in open licensing and the Commons as well as your ability to teach others this information. The company leaves you a possibility to get refunded within a 30-day-period from the date of your purchase in case you are not satisfied with the program’s content. 

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