10 Best Selling College Textbooks of 2021

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BooksRun aims to save student money with an option to purchase used textbooks for their studies and sell them to us later. We carefully monitor the most popular college textbooks of the year so that our students start their textbook search as early as possible and have their books at hand before the start of the semester. With millions of books in stock, it has never been an easy task to establish top-selling textbooks! Nevertheless, we always try to do it to reveal the books that might be hard to find this year, so make sure you start your book-hunting process ASAP! 

Below is our list of the top 10 most popular college textbooks of 2021:

StrengthsFinder 2.0

10 Best Selling College Textbooks of 2021 1

(by Tom Rath)

ISBN: 9781595620156 

This top business book is a DIY guide on how to change the way you perceive yourself and the world around you. This revised and improved version of the self-assessment tool developed by the Gallup Organization is at the top of our list, which means that it must be doing something right to empower people to achieve success. Stop trying to fix your shortcomings; instead, concentrate on developing your strengths to gain a competitive advantage in this world! Numerous strategies for reinforcing and applying your strengths are described in this book that should turn you into a confident and successful individual.

Signing Naturally Unit 16 (Rev Edition)


(by Cheri Smith, Ella Mae Lentz and Ken Mikos)

ISBN: 9781581212105 

Signing Naturally Unit 7–12 (Rev Edition)

(by Cheri Smith)

ISBN: 9781581212211  

Signing Naturally is a popular ASL textbook that is here to help you with the sign language if you have to work with the deaf or hard of hearing. This book is equipped with demonstrations and even training videos to simplify your sign language mastering.

Publication Manual of the APA (7th Edition)


(by American Psychological Association—APA)

ISBN: 9781433832161  

One of the most appreciated style manuals of all times for writers, editors, students, and scholars. This version is very user-friendly, which makes it no surprise that our customers like it!

They Say, I Say (4th Edition)

10 Best Selling College Textbooks of 2021 2

(by Gerald Graff)

ISBN: 9780393631678 

If you are interested in constructing strong logical arguments to win over your opponents in debates, then this top-selling book is for you! It provides the best resources for understanding the nature of ethics, lists writing techniques, and how to construct arguments.  Learn how to convince people around you!

Emergency Care (13th Edition)

10 Best Selling College Textbooks of 2021 3

(by Daniel J. Limmer, Michael F. O’Keefe, Harvey Grant, and Bob Murray)  

ISBN: 9780134024554 

This book is a real lifesaver that will be of use for students undergoing training to become EMTs as well as for people interested in developing general medical knowledge. This best-selling medical textbook gives the most current and accurate information about EMS practice today. It is written in a very accessible language and lists all the important scientific principles as well as critical thinking features important for its readers. If you want to become a real lifesaver, then you should definitely get a copy of this book!

Culture Counts (4th Edition)

10 Best Selling College Textbooks of 2021 4

(by Serena Nanda) 

ISBN: 9781337109680 

If you ask yourself questions about the most important social trends nowadays and why the world develops in a certain way, then this revised version of Culture Counts will let you find answers to the questions regarding globalization, gender issues, inequality, etc. You will learn to understand cross-cultural changes in the world and appreciate their impact on our everyday life.

Microbiology (2nd Edition)


(by Anthony Strelkauskas ) 

ISBN: 9780815345138 

This best-selling medical textbook is a student-friendly resource full of text. It offers figures and additional electronic resources designed for students willing to raise their knowledge about Microbiology. It is written specifically for pre-nursing and allied health students who need to have a strong foundation in the concepts of the theme of infection.

Microeconomics (10th Edition)

10 Best Selling College Textbooks of 2021 5

(by Colander) 

ISBN: 9781259655500 

One of our top textbooks of 2019, Microeconomics, deals with such a vast and complicated topic as the principles of economics. With its focus on modern economics, institutions, history, and financial modeling, this book will let you deepen your understanding of major economic concepts and apply them successfully in your daily academic environment.

The Human Mosaic (12th Edition)

10 Best Selling College Textbooks of 2021 6

(by Mona Domosh) 

ISBN: 9781429240185 

The Human Mosaic offers a tour of contemporary geography and explains it in full detail. How geographers conduct their research, develop new ideas, and apply their skills in a wide range of academic and professional environments. Each chapter in this popular textbook is structured in 5 topics: mobility, region, globalization, nature-culture, and cultural landscape.

Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses (16th Edition)


(by April Vallerand and Cynthia A. Sanoski 

ISBN: 9780803669451

This Drug Guide delivers all the essential information about thousands of generic and trade-name drugs to help nurses with their daily activities. This medical textbook is a real lifesaver and will let its readers administer medications professionally!

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