15 ideas to Make Halloween Unforgettable

Spooky times are in town! It is night the 31st coming and we guess that you are trying on your Halloween costumes and you have already purchased stocks of pumpkins. No? What about some games that will make your celebration even more memorable? Just imagine: it is dark, you are surrounded by your friends dressed as Nuns, Catwomen, Super Marios and you are focused on playing an interesting game together! Sounds like fun, huh? Check below the Halloween ideas we have prepared for you.
1. Old Costume Relay Race

One of the good old dressing parties has never killed nobody! The idea is to put on clothes and undress afterwards as quickly as possible, disregarding where the clothes end up eventually on your body. To make it even more fun, you can split your guests into two teams. You prepare 10 clothing items for each team, pile them on the floor at the opposite ends of the room and with the command “go” the first player of each team has to sprint to the pile of clothes and put them on top of their own clothes. The winning team will have its last player coming first to the starting point!

2. How Many Halloween Candies Guessing Game

One of the best ideas on how to break the ice at a big party of yours if your guests do not know each other very well. You need to prepare a jar of candies of various sizes before the celebration. Then you should ask your guests about their best guesses on the number of candies you have put in. The winner is the one with the closest guess!

3. Halloween Jinx

Every one used to play this game as a child and it can be a very popular Halloween entertainment as well. The main goal of the game is to avoid saying certain phrases or words. At the arrival you can hand in your guests the same cards that have certain “forbidden” words written on them. As an example it can be something like “Halloween”, “night”, “October”, “costume” etc. As guests start to socialize, and someone says one of the words from the card’s list – the card will be taken away and they are out of the game. The winners are the people who have their cards with them at the end of the party!

4. Halloween Word Scramble

This game is for some of your guests who are not afraid of academic challenge! They have to come up with new words from the Halloween mishmash you have written for them on the cards. Great for warming-up when the alcohol is over!

5. Halloween Movie Trivia

We cannot imagine a Halloween party without a movie guessing game! You can look up some ideas for your Trivia questions here and get ready to test your guests on their Halloween horror movie knowledge.

6. Famous Halloween Horror Movie Quotes

You can also check how well your guests can guess the Halloween movies by the famous phrases of the main characters. You can prepare cards with the quotes from such horror classics as Scaremonger (1996), A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), Dracula (1958) and let people guess!

7. Halloween Battle of the Balloons

A very energetic start to your Halloween party that will get your guests going! It is a team game when the players are trying to pop the balloon attached to their opponent’s ankle with their feet. No hands are allowed! The winner is the team whose last member has its balloon popped.

8. Halloween Mystery Box Game

You can get your guests involved in a box game as well! The players should pick up items “resembling eyeballs and bones” in the dark boxes and guess what these things can be in real life.

9. Halloween Memory Cards

Why not dedicate a bit of your Halloween party to practicing some memory concentration techniques? Уou can create your own Halloween cards. You will need to print 6 or 12 unique cards in 2 copies, then lay them all on the table and try to match the pairs. The winner is the player with the biggest number of pairs and definitely with the best memory!

10. Pumpkin Penny Pitch

With this game you can split your guests into teams and let them try to pitch a penny into carved pumpkins. The winning team will have the highest amount of coins pitched into their pumpkin!

11. Halloween Film Festival

If your party guests are likely to be creative and full of inspiration, then this game is for them! Make teams of 3-4 people minimum and challenge them to film a 5 min story for your Halloween Festival. Print a list of classic horror movies and give them out to people. Ask them to avoid placing a title of the short movie to let other participants guess! And once every team uploads their story on a YouTube channel – you can start you Halloween Film Festival!

12. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Some adventure ideas for your party guests: prepare a list of Halloween inspired items that the guests need to find outdoors or indoors. Place some pumpkins, brooms, balloons etc in your house, in the garden or even in the park and let your guests discover them.

13. Killer Instinct Game

The game to stir up the nerves of your Halloween Party guests! Turn off the lights in your house and ask the guests to hide. Dress up into a scary costume and scare the hiders with a flashlight in the dark as well as with your costume!

14. Have you Learned Something from Horror Movies?

You can challenge your guests to develop a horror scenario from a typical story plot. You can find some ideas for the questions that will start your guests thinking here. And let them get scared together!

15. Prop Builders

Another way to get creative at a Halloween party is to reconstruct a scene from a classic horror movie. Split the guests into teams, prepare the piles of the same materials and let them get creative. The winner is the one who creates the scariest scene of course!