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Signal and Power Integrity - Simplified (Signal Integrity Library)

by Bogatin, Eric
ISBN-13: 9780134513416
ISBN-10: 013451341X
Edition: 3
Publication date: 2018
Publisher: Pearson
Format: Hardcover 992 pages

Signal and Power Integrity - Simplified

by Bogatin, Eric
ISBN-13: 9780132349796
ISBN-10: 0132349795
Edition: 2
Publication date: 2009
Publisher: Pearson
Format: Hardcover 800 pages

Principles of Power Integrity for PDN Design-Simplified: Robust and Cost Effective Design for High Speed Digital Products (Prentice Hall Modern ... Prentice Hall Signal Integrity Library)

by Smith, Larry D., Bogatin, Eric
ISBN-13: 9780132735551
ISBN-10: 0132735555
Edition: 1
Publication date: 2017
Publisher: Pearson
Format: Hardcover 786 pages